Have an adventure in Natural History Museum, Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden and Kumpula campus on Saturday 8.10.!

Science isn’t just for adults! On Saturday we have a fun and exciting family day where both children and adults are welcome.

The exhibitions in Natural History Museum tell the story of Finnish and global nature. The History of Life takes you on a trip through time, into the past and the beginning of evolution. The Story of bones teaches you the bare bones of vertebrates. The Change in the Air exhibition presents the research on climate change conducted at the University of Helsinki, showcases the effects of climate change on our northern environment and suggests how we can adjust to the changes. Are you brave enough to come face to face with the losers and the winners of the climate changes?

In Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden you can travel around the world! Ten glasshouses offer a glimpse into the plant life of torrid deserts, humid rainforests and tropical wetlands. Come and see the world’s biggest seed, or find out what it means when someone says, ‘It’s a jungle out there!

You should keep your eyes open in Kaisaniemi because we have also giraffes on the loose! How many can you find?

The Finnish Museums of Natural History offers a great deal to the visitors of Thinkfest: a Thinkfest- family ticket (1-2 adults and maximum of 4 children) for only 35 euros! With this ticket the whole family gets to go both to the Natural History of Museums and Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. Ticket is valid on Saturday during the opening hours (10:00-16:00). Remember the magic word Thinkfest at the register!

When: Saturday, October 6th at 11:00-15:00
Where: Natural History Museum, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13
Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, two entrances: Unioninkatu 44 and Kaisaniemenranta 2

The LUMA-centre organises science based exercises and problems for children to solve on Saturday. What happens to people in space? What makes computers so smart? How your hair or cells look when looking through a microscope? Design your own crazy bacteria and see how you can make juices change colour. Everyone finds something interesting and fun to do at these seven different points!

You get to meet also Suomen Karva-Kaverit in Kumpula campus!

When: Saturday, October 6th at 11:00-14:00
Where: Kumpula-campus, Physicum-building, Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2 A